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While the way in which a cigar is rolled is a very important factor to consider, it’s also important to choose the right wrapper and blend. The wrapper makes up only 10% of the mass of the cigar, but 40% - 60% of the flavor. There are a variety of different wrappers to choose from, each with their own distinct flavors. Connecticut, Habano, Cameroon, Samatra and Maduro, (see Cigar Tobaccos under Cigars 101).  A good tip for beginners is to start off with lighter-colored and milder flavored options, but don’t be afraid to branch out when you’re feeling adventurous! Aside from that, there’s a school of thought in the cigar community that states it’s best to smoke milder cigars earlier in the day and slowly increase strength throughout. However, the most important rule is to make sure you have the time to enjoy your cigar in peace in order to fully appreciate the complexity of its flavor and draw.

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